Homemade ice cream made in Italy

Artisan ice cream is a product that represents the excellence of Made in Italy and it is loved all over the world for its quality, the freshness of the ingredients and its goodness. The preparation of homemade ice cream requires great skill and constant attention to the choice of ingredients and their processing, to ensure a fresh, tasty and high quality product.

Why is homemade ice cream better?

Artisan ice cream is one of the most loved food products in the world, thanks to its versatility, its freshness and its sweetness. Compared to industrial ice cream, the artisanal one differs for its preparation, which requires the use of fresh and natural ingredients, without the addition of additives or preservatives.
For its preparation, homemade ice cream requires special attention in the choice of ingredients, especially with regard to the quality of milk and fresh fruit, which should be carefully chosen to ensure maximum flavour and maximum creaminess.
Another fundamental aspect of artisanal ice cream is its preservation, which must take place at constant and controlled temperatures, in order to keep intact the organoleptic characteristics of the product and preserve its freshness.

Not only ice cream

In an ice cream shop, artisanal ice cream is definitely the top product, but it is often not the only product sold. Many ice cream shops also offer cakes, parfait, pastries and other products, which can generate a good part of sales. 
For this reason, it is important that an ice cream shop choose a high quality refrigerated showcase to display all these food delicacies. A well-designed and well-lit showcase can increase the visual appeal of products, attracting customers' attention and enticing them to purchase. 
In addition, a good refrigerated showcase keeps products fresh and at the right temperature level, ensuring they are ready for sale at any time of the day.

In summary, choosing a high-quality refrigerated showcase for an ice cream shop is an important investment for business growth. A good display of products, both ice cream, cakes and pastries, can increase overall sales and improve the customer experience within the store.

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