The importance of refrigerated showcases in confectionery

The display cabinets for refrigeration are the real heart of bakeries and ice-cream shops.
Together with windows, represent the “business card” of the shop: encouraging the purchase is their task, so they have to be always in the best technical and aesthetic conditions. 
Talking about cooking and especially about pastry, chocolatier, ice cream and confectionery, the visual aspectis very important; our eyes focus our first choice, taste selection comes after.
Today cakes and pastries are shown as jewels, masterpieces of goodies and refrigerated showcases inside the store are the inside window and they attract eyes and palate of people who are going to buy.

Refrigerated showcases: the winning features

A beautiful products presentation directs consumers’ choice, hence the main role of refrigerated showcases, which are a key furniture to improve sale.
What are the most important features that these display refrigerators have to offer?

Products in plain sight
In a showcase, products must catch customers’ attention therefore the importance of shelves display and highlight location as well.
The showcase will certainly be equipped with tempered glasses, with extraordinary transparency, which, together with anti-fog devices, will keep unchanged the appearance, freshness and organoleptic properties of confectionery products. It is also important that they prevent the excessive formation of frost and unsightly butter stains on the surface of cakes.

Quality at first

Refrigerated showcases have the task of preserving the food in an optimal way and this is done thanks to many technical and environmental factors. For example, the proper functioning of the refrigerated showcase takes place if you find the right place inside the room: direct sunlight exposure does not allow optimal refrigeration.
The materials used in the construction of the showcase must ensure good thermal insulation and the process of "defrosting", which combined with a proper microclimate-working environment, allows the best performance in operation.

Design, a strong point

On purchasing, a refrigerated showcase’s design and aesthetics are important features.
Elegance and refinement of materials and customized colours that match with the furniture are elements of great value. 
If food is well preserved and optimally displayed, enhance authenticity and freshness that are fundamental elements in guiding the purchase.

Refrigerated showcase cleaning

Showcases should always been kept perfectly cleaned and efficient, using specific products and addressing to specialists in case of doubt. 
Before purchasing a display refrigerator, it is important to evaluate the ease with which it can be cleaned and the necessary maintenance to be carried out.

Negative refrigerated showcases for frozen desserts

Refrigerated showcases sold on the market are not all the same. Panoramic refrigerated showcases offer a great strength in displaying cakes and frozen desserts, thanks to the presence of all sides in glass, allow a 360-degree visibility of the product, facilitating the choice in the purchase.
Also known as negative refrigerated showcases, they can be equipped with one or more doors for service and adjustable shelves in the ventilated refrigeration version.
As part of the shop’s furniture, refrigerated showcases can be made in all RAL colours and are equipped with a functional electronic temperature control system.

Refrigerated islands and buffets

A very functional and adaptable solution to any sale setting, compatible with the available spaces, is that of the refrigerated islands and buffets for the display, storage and sale of food products, which give the consumer the opportunity to look more closely at the products themselves, increasing, consequently, the possibilities of sale.
Especially if the way in which you display food meets the criteria of visual merchandising.