The importance of refrigerated showcases and buffets in self-service catering

In recent years, self-service and buffet catering has gained an important place in the world cuisine scene. This type of service offers the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of foods, without having to wait too long to be served. But how can you keep these foods fresh and tasty for a long time? In this context, refrigerated showcases and buffets play a key role.

Refrigerated showcases allow you to keep food fresh, preventing it from deteriorating and losing its organoleptic properties. Refrigerated buffets, on the other hand, are particularly useful in maintaining fresh food at low temperatures, such as fish, meat and dairy products.
But the use of refrigerated showcases and buffets is not only functional: the aesthetic aspect is also important. Refrigerated showcases with LED lighting enhance the presentation of food, making it more inviting and attractive for customers.
In addition, the ability to customize the refrigerated showcaes and buffets according to the specific needs of the restaurant allows you to create a unique and personalized experience for customers.
In addition to the technical and aesthetic aspect, the use of refrigerated showcases better and preserve hygienic aspects.
Thanks to refrigeration and covering system, buffets for self-service keep food at ideal temperatures, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and food poisoning. An easy cleaning and maintenance activity of refrigerated showcases and buffets ensure a high level of hygiene.
Using refrigerated showcases and buffet is fundamental in self-service catering, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. 
Refrigerated showcases and buffets can offer customers a high- level gastronomic experience, ensuring food freshness and safety.

Island buffet for self-service catering

Island buffet is a food display area often used in catering services as a form of self-service catering.
Island buffet is designed to contain various types of food and drinks, usually arranged on tables and stalls with glass covering lids.
Island buffets are often used in hotels, restaurants and other special events to serve large groups of people efficiently and conveniently. Usually, foods are divided into categories such as appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, in order to facilitate guests’ choices.
Island buffet can be of different sizes and shapes, depending on the space available and the specific needs of the event or restaurant.
Besides island buffet can be customized in color.
In addition, it can be equipped with additional features such as heating or refrigeration to keep food fresh and at the ideal temperature.

The advantages of using the buffet island in catering

  1. More flexibility: Island buffet offers customers an easy choice of dishes and portions. Customers can choose between different food options and portions
  2. Greater efficiency: Island buffet can reduce the waiting time for guests, as they do not have to wait for the restaurant staff to serve them food. This allows restaurant staff to focus on other activities, such as table service.
  3. Cost savings: The buffet island can reduce restaurant operating costs, since it requires less staff to serve food. In addition, it can reduce food waste, as customers can choose the amount of food they wish to consume.
  4. Food experience: Island buffet allows customers to “create” their dishes, adding favorite ingredients or avoiding unwanted ones. This allows customers to meet their dietary or taste needs.
  5. Interactive experience: Island buffet can create an interactive experience for guests, who can choose between different food options and portions, creating their own dish. This can increase the catering experience and customer satisfaction.
Summing up the Island buffet can offer a lot of advantages to restaurants and customers.
If it’s managed with attention it can assure food safety and the prevention of food waste.
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